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24th August
written by amber

A Flaxen Tale

Astrid was born larger than most, stronger than most and different. Over the years, she watched her younger sisters, soft pretty little things, marry and drop children year after year – sweet flaxen-haired daughters and stalwart flaxen-haired sons.

Astrid watched her younger brother sail away in a war boat and return year after year with chests of Catholic gold and bales of oriental silks and casks of Anglish mead. She envied him. In their younger years, when his skill with axe and broad sword had surpassed that of the servant assigned to spar with him, she had become his secret partner. Not only did she hide her warrior skills from their parents, but also she reined in her strength and strategy with her brother, knowing that it would be to her peril to defeat him.

She’d had no excitement since he left home. She’d been relegated to act as nursemaid to her aged parents, the common lot of ugly unmarriageable daughters. But now they were both dead and when next her brother returned from his warring, he’d find no trace of her at home.

But soon he might hear of the mighty feats of a new warrior, Astoth the Magnificent.

Dear readers – this story is posted a day late. I’ve been away on a horse-assisted back-packing trip in the Wilmore Wilderness and out of touch with the Internet. I left some stories to be posted on this website daily, but I was one story short.

I wrote a story every day in the backcountry, and read it to my fellow hikers (we were 9 in all) around the campfire every night. So now you can be treated to several campfire stories.

This story was inspired by a notice about a missing horse with a flaxen ‘tale.’

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