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9th May
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– “Oh, when I was young, I was quite prejudiced, you know, but thanks to my daughter Jan, I’m really open-minded now.”

– “Well, she did it mainly by marrying a man from Pakistan. Oh, my ex-husband still calls him ‘the Paki’ but I never use that term any more.”

– “Yes, I must admit that I was not in favour of their getting married. When they first started dating, we let her know about our concerns – you know, that people would talk about them and insult them, that if they did get married their children would always be at a disadvantage. And she called us every kind of bigot because, you know, I especially had encouraged her to make friends with Rahul when he moved into our neighbourhood. He looked so lonely, I thought it would be charitable for her to show him some kindness. My ex-husband is the real bigot. He agreed to attend their wedding, but he didn’t give them a gift at all.

– “Oh, they’re doing very well. Rahul has a very good job, he’s a good provider. I certainly didn’t expect that.”

– “Because his father was a clerk at a pharmacy. And they had so many children. Rahul was the sixth. It seemed impossible that they could afford to send so many children to university. But I must say, those people take education very seriously.”

-“No, I don’t see much of his parents. It’s not that I don’t think they are very lovely people, but it’s awkward. I had them over to my house before the wedding, but they don’t eat meat so I had no idea of what to cook. I did some kind of strange rice dish, and they ate a little. I’d also made shepherd’s pie for Jan, because it’s her favourite, and would you believe – they both ate some of it!”

– “Yes, they have two children, and they are real darlings. Smart as can be, and beautiful children with their big brown eyes. And their skin is very fair, so unless you saw Jan and Rahul together you wouldn’t even know they’re, you know, part dark.”

StoryADay’s suggestions today was to tell a story entirely by what one person says. Sorry to say that I have known people like this.

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