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4th May
posted by amber

Hi Yo

She was playing with her plastic horses. The phone rang. Her father got up from the couch, walked into the kitchen and answered it.


Then he said, “Hey, cowboy, how’re ya doing?”

He said, “Yeah, come on over, cowboy.”

But it made her mother mad. She said, “All that silver. He’s just showing off.”

The girl was very interested. She listened, but they didn’t say anything else interesting, just stuff about a bank. She didn’t know what a bank was, but her father said he couldn’t go to one.

He went to put on a shirt, because her mother said he should. The girl asked her mother, “Who is coming over?”

“Never you mind. Just another ne’er-do-well.”

“A what?”

“A loan shark.”

“A fish?”

“No. He’s a loan arranger. Never you mind. Just stay in the porch and play with your horses. Don’t bother daddy when the man comes.”

But she went into the back yard and was peeking through the fence when he drove up. He was wearing a cowboy hat, as she knew he would be, and a blue shirt with shiny silver buttons. She ran through the gate and up to him. “Where’s Tonto?” she asked him.

Today’s prompt from StoryADay was to write about meeting a hero.

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