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3rd May
posted by amber

The Memory

She remembers her third birthday, the first one she can recall. The day was made memorable, not by cake and gifts, but by the argument her parents had over the present her father bought for her.

It was big and wrapped in pink shiny paper. Her father had come through the door carrying it, but before Adele could take it from him, her mother grabbed it and ran into the kitchen, slamming the door behind her.

Adele ran after and tried to open the door, but the knob would not turn. Years later, she realized her mother must have been holding the knob. Who would have a kitchen door which could be locked?

Yet the sound of tearing paper could be heard, heard with outrage by a small girl who knew that it was her gift being torn open.

Her mother must have held the knob with one hand while securing the large gift between her knees or with her feet while she tore at the paper with her other hand.

“Steve!” came her scream. “I forbade you!”

Adele knew all about being forbidden. She clutched at her father’s leg in sympathy. He took her hand and pulled her toward the couch. “You sit right here. I’m going to talk to your mother for a minute and then I’ll take you out for ice cream,” he said.

She sat there, and she heard the loud shouting, and maybe she heard the word ‘doll’ but she wasn’t sure. Then a door slammed and she heard her father’s car start up. She ran to the front door and saw him driving away, with what looked like a small girl with blonde hair sitting in the seat beside him.

Later, after the cake and ice cream and smaller gifts from her mother, her aunts and her grandparents, she was put to bed, but she distinctly remembers creeping downstairs and finding the pink paper and a very large empty box behind the freezer in the pantry.

She never saw her father again.

This is the second story with a StoryADay prompt – published a day late due to illness. This is the first time since May 1, 2011 that I’ve missed posting a story because of being sick. A couple were late due to lack of internet connection. Today I’m posting 2 stories to get caught up.

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