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10th April
posted by amber

A Walk

There was no possibility of taking a walk that day. Rover could tell that much.

And there’d been no possibility of taking a walk the day before, because both Master and Mistress had stayed inside the house all day, mostly in their beds, getting up only to make hot drinks for themselves and let him out briefly into the back yard.

And there’d been no possibility of taking a walk the day before that, because Master came home from work very late and Mistress had to lie down with a damp cloth on her head the minute she got back from shopping. She let Rover loose in the back yard until Master came home from work, after which they went to bed and he was locked into the laundry room for the night.

And there’d been no possibility of taking a walk the day before that, even though it was Sunday, traditionally the day of Rover’s Long Walk, because they had to get in the car and drive a long way to a house where people came out the front door with very sad faces and hugged Master and Mistress and took them into the house with them for a very long time. Rover, who’d been excited and happy at being brought for a Car Ride, was bored during the hours he spent in the car and desperate to release his bladder when they finally came out of the house.

Instead of allowing him outside to pee, Master and Mistress got into the car and began to drive. When Rover started whining, they stopped so that he could pee beside the road, held by his leash in case he wanted to go further, and they seemed angry with him.

Today, neither Master nor Mistress had come out of their bedroom, not even to go to the bathroom. Rover sat beside the laundry room door, listening intently for any sound of morning activity in the house, wagging his tail hopefully.

Sleeping in meant Sunday and Sunday usually meant a Long Walk.

But as the hours passed, Rover knew there would be no possibility of taking a walk that day.

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This story presents a new take on the first line of the very famous book, Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte, a novel I’m happy to read again and again.

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