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18th September
posted by amber

How Come My Cat?

My wife, she named her cat Santana. She named it Santana but I named it Satan. That cat was the devil indeed.

My wife, she laughed when the cat hissed at me. She laughed when it clawed me. That cat hated me with a feeling.

My wife, she loved that cat. She loved that cat from morning to night. Treats in the morning, cuddles at night, and nothing for me.

My wife, she was warm to the cat but cold to me. She was so cold to me, I near to got frostbite in my own home. And yet I loved her with a feeling.

My wife, she had this job. She went off to this job every day. And she loved that job.

My wife, she broke her leg. She broke her leg from tripping on the cat, going down the stairs. But she never blamed the cat.

My wife, she couldn’t go to work with her broken leg. She had to stay home, but her boss let her work from home. She said he was a good boss.

My wife, she said her boss would bring some work home for her. She was still entertaining him when I got home from work.  I came in the door and I noticed something strange.

My wife’s cat, he was sitting in her boss’s lap. He was purring. That cat, Santana, Satan, was sitting in her boss’s lap.

So I shot them. Wife, boss and cat.

That’s all.

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This is the last story of Cat Week.

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