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5th September
posted by amber

Tango Romeo

I love all the women I dance with – old, young, fat, slim, natural dancers and natural klutzes. I love to bring out the dancer inside.

There is always a dancer inside.

At first, they might think I’m a funny man, not too handsome, not too young, not a success in life. But I am dedicated to the dance, and once they recognize that in me, and see that I recognize something graceful inside them, we can get along. I can teach them.

I need to become invisible to them, and they need to become invisible to themselves. “Don’t worry about how you look. Don’t worry if you make mistakes. Hear the music, follow the invitation to move. As long as you move, you’re doing the right thing.”

I find the dancer within. All the time.

Except once.

Her name was Alma. She was my greatest challenge, and I failed her. She was lovely, she was graceful, she loved the dance and the music. She loved me.

I was young then, fresh from winning so many dance competitions. She was my girlfriend from school and she was jealous of the girls I danced with. I couldn’t convince her that tango is playing at love, not really love. And I did want to dance those dances with her, have her draped across my arms or around my feet, have her give me those smoldering glances.

Love interferes with playing at love. I couldn’t teach her, and she thought it was because I didn’t love her.

Since that time, I have never found love again, even though I love all the women I teach.

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