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5th September
posted by amber

The Invisible Soldier

I thought I knew what I was volunteering for.  It was an exciting idea – to be able to sneak behind the enemy and take them by surprise.

I didn’t understand the physics. I didn’t need to understand the physics. Something about turning all my particles sideways. I’d be the same person, just no one could see me.

It was exciting. Our company was the most useful in the entire military. We used to joke that they’d pin endless medals on us, if they could find our chests.

We had bodies, but we worried that we wouldn’t have any human contact. We were ordered not to visit our families until information about the technology was leaked. That took five years. By then, many of us had formed relationships with others in our company, men with women, women with women, men with men. ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ was long in the past. We joked that the new policy was ‘don’t see, don’t know.’

In the dark, we were as real as anyone else.

Once word of the technology leaked, it wasn’t long before our enemies devised ways to detect us, and soon we were of no further use to the military.

Most of us went on to civilian jobs – body guards, security cops, magician’s helpers. Originally, we’d been told that a reversal procedure was in the works. That was a lie. And once our combat usefulness was over, there was no budget for reversal.

I don’t mind, most of the time. Amy and me, we run a home business, our public faces are computer-generated icons. Our children are normal.

But I’d sure like to see her face just once.

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