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2nd September
posted by amber

Searching for Jonah

The search is in its third day and I know the authorities want to call it off.  If the police hadn’t found signs of a struggle at Jonah’s place, I bet they wouldn’t have even started a search. And I’ve heard that some of the cops don’t think the broken door and skid marks from his wheelchair are signs of a struggle – just signs of clumsiness, Jonah not too good at being a cripple yet.

Which makes me want to scream – “Jonah is not clumsy, he’s graceful and strong and not crippled in any important way!” And when I do express these emotions to my friends, the friends who’ve been bugging me for weeks to date Jonah, they looked shocked and say, “Jessie, are you in love with him or something?”

I don’t know the answer to that question. I won’t know the answer until I can see him again, until he’s found. I’m scared as hell that it’s all my fault, dating that Steven just to prove I’m ready to date again, not realising he’s obsessed with me, not foreseeing that for a guy like him, my preference for a man in a wheelchair would be impossible to accept.

I know Steven did something to Jonah, but no one in authority seems to be taking me seriously about that, and there certainly isn’t any evidence to point to him, clever bastard that he is.

But Jonah’s friends listened to me, and one of them did an internet search, discovered some property just outside town once owned by an aunt of Steven’s, and we’re doing an under-the-radar search.

We haven’t been here very long but already we’ve found fresh tire tracks next to what looks like an old well, sealed up with a metal lid. The guys are working to lift the lid now.

God, I hope he’s not down there. I don’t think I could bear it.

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Sorry – I did it again, left Jonah down the well for two weeks, not noticing that Thursday came and went.

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