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30th August
posted by amber

Left Shoe

I wasn’t going to do this. It still feels stupid, but Michelle is insisting.

My name is Dan LeBlanc and my address and health care number are written on the back.

Michelle hasn’t lived through a hurricane before. I’m from Louisiana, so I’ve lived through plenty and one thing I know – the authorities always over-estimate the severity of what we are about to experience. Yes, there’s Katrina, but that wasn’t so much the hurricane as a failure of the infrastructure, wasn’t it? 99 times out of a hundred, all this panic is not warranted.

Oh, Michelle wanted to evacuate. I told her, you go ahead but no way am I going to leave our place to get looted and destroyed. The whole neighbourhood’s deserted. We’re such good citizens up here, we do what our mayor and president tell us to do. Michelle wouldn’t leave me. We’re both keeping an eye on the street. I’ve got my gun.

Haven’t seen any criminals, but no one in their right mind would want to be out in this storm. It’s something to behold. I’m not completely crazy, I did board up the windows, leaving just little cracks to see through. Looks like we’ll have a wild night. The trees are whipping back and forth like grass in the wind – I hope they’re flexible enough to take it without falling on my roof.

Nope – I guess they weren’t. Michelle’s gone to the basement to find a tarp, then we’ll go upstairs and see what the damage is. Things are really creaking up there.

Hope I didn’t make a mis-

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I wrote this after hearing Obama tell New Yorkers who refused to evacuate before the hurricane to write down their vital statistics and put it in their left shoe for identification of their body.

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