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25th August
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Dr. Drayer took me out for dinner tonight with some very important investors in his research. At least, he hopes they will be. But he was very disappointed with the way I behaved.

“Charlotte, how could you say that the wine tasted like poison?” he scolded me as he drove me back to the lab.

“Well, it did,” I said. “You told me I shouldn’t ever lie, don’t you remember?”

“If I ask you if you understand something, you shouldn’t lie. But if someone buys you something nice, then say good things about it even if you don’t like it. That is politeness.”

“I’ll try, but it’s confusing. Just like all those forks at the restaurant.”

“You used the dessert fork for your dinner,” he pointed out, “despite what I taught you.”

He should be happy that I used a fork at all. Mastering that has been hard for me. I still remember eating out of a bowl on the ground without any silverware. Dr. Drayer doesn’t know that I still visit my brothers and sisters, watch them in their unimproved state and wonder why he picked me.

They can’t talk, or understand, or use a computer, even hitting one key at a time like I do.

They can’t read.

I read very well and so I know that Dr. Drayer made a mistake when he named me Charlotte. Charlotte was the spider.

Wilbur was the pig.

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This story is based on a challenge from my mother, Mary Bond, who suggested using ‘wine’ and ‘poison’ in the same sentence.

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