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31st July
posted by amber

Telepathic Lip Reading

“Don’t just think blue,” Von reminded me, “concentrate on imagining saying blue.”

For weeks, he’d been mapping what my brain waves do when I talk, now we were seeing if visualizing speech without actually speaking would trigger the same brain waves. Well, I guess he knows that they do. He’s the scientist. I’m just the subject.

The pay is good even if the job is boring, I’d tell people if I could tell anyone. But this is a top secret military experiment, so I have to lie and say that I’m receiving a drug trial for my condition. I’m ‘incommunicado’ for these four months.

Except that I’m communicating plenty. Ten hours a day working with Von. And he often visits me in my room in the evening to talk about the results of the day’s tests and his hopes for the future of this technology. He is so much more than a military contractor. Sure, this will become a means for soldiers to communicate by ‘brain waves,’ but there are many civilian applications too.

It’s a long time since I’ve been around anyone this excited about their work, this optimistic about the future. But I know that at my age that’s exactly the sort of people I should be with – fellow students or co-workers in my first job instead of doctors and therapists and my family, all with their long long faces.

Yes, I know I’m more than half in love with Von, but I’m even more in love with the invention he hopes to develop, the helmet which will allow me to communicate after my lips can no longer form words.

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This story was inspired by an article in a Discover magazine. Is it science fiction or not?

And I missed publishing it on July 30, as I had to run over to the Black Cat Guest Ranch main lodge for the arrival of some unexpected guests who had been bumped from the hotel they had booked in Hinton.

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