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18th June
posted by amber

One Hundred Twenty Eight Minutes

“I’m sorry, Janey, we’re going to have to cut it off,” I told my little sister, digging my nail file out of my fanny pack. As I began to saw, I couldn’t help but recall how we ended up in this predicament.

“That way looks easy, why don’t we try that route?” Janey had asked. We’d been out for over an hour on a trail that should have taken just 20 minutes and our parents were waiting back at the car.

I could see why the side canyon attracted her. The main trail had been leading steadily uphill and there were some grueling switchbacks ahead. The side canyon was narrow and windy and seemed to lead back down toward the parking lot.

“I don’t know, Janey. This obviously isn’t an official trail.”

“But look. There’s lots of footprints. Other people have gone this way.”

So we entered the chilly slot, red hued cliffs closing in tightly on either side of us. Before long we were scrambling over boulders.

“This is fun!”

I was enjoying myself too and perhaps that’s why I ignored my inner voice urging me to go back to the main trail and give up this foolish attempt at a short cut.

And then it happened. Just as I was about to say, “Janey, we’d better go back,” she ducked down to crawl under a large rock and it shifted slightly, pinning her long ponytail against the cliff.

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Thanks to Jerry Fochler for suggesting lines for this story.



  1. Eric Roth

    Very clever! I laughed when I got to the last line. A great parody of a true story.

  2. Jonathan

    Funny, I liked that.

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