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1st May
posted by amber

She’s Changed

They tell me that she’s changed.  Her social worker says the girl I pick up at the bus station later today is not the same girl who went away all those months ago.  For one thing, her hair is no longer dead black, dead straight, but now is dyed a more becoming brown and curled nicely.  Her piercings are all free of metal and bone, and her tattoos mostly covered with modest clothing.  She’s got a job waiting and an apartment to move into before the month is over.

So I should be happy, right?  This is a change for the good.  Yet, I can’t help but wish that the change would be a different change, not to the woman she will be, hardened and saddened by what she has gone through, but to the girl she was at maybe 11 years of age – the girl who still believed in fairness and wonder and being kind to animals.  The girl who woke up every morning eager for the joys the day would bring.

I know I had my part in the death of that girl, and for that I can never forgive myself.  No change in my life or hers will ever bring that girl  back and it’s futile for me to wish it was possible.

So I’ll put on my best smile and be waiting at the bus depot.

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  1. Eric Roth

    I really like this, I want to know more about the relationship between these two. Are they sisters? Mother and daughter? I am wondering if this person is really responsible for what happened, or just feeling guilty, thinking they could have made a difference if they had taken the time.

  2. 05/05/2011

    This is one of the features – for good or bad – of the short short story. It’s open-ended, leaving space for the reader to infer what they will. Since I usually write novels, this is a learning experience for me. But then, I also write murder mystery events for the Black Cat Ranch, and it’s imperative for me to allow the participants to contribute a great deal to their roles and to the plot.

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