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18th May
posted by amber

“Being Robyn,” my latest short science fiction story has been sent off to Asimov’s magazine.  We’ll see what they think of it.  The story is based on a dream I had, in which a loved one received a phone message telling her that she was dead.  Playing around with the idea of someone finding out that they themselves had died triggered an interesting plot.

Right now I’m working on a mystery short story.  I want to market “Firekill,” a mystery novel that I wrote a few years ago, and when approaching a mystery press it’s always good to have some short stories in the same genre published.  Coming up with a plot was hard – the arc of a mystery story seems to best fit the size of a novel – but now I’m hard at work on “The Missing Slippers.”


  1. 05/06/2010

    Amber!! That story idea (finding out you’re dead from a third party) is TERRIFIC!!! Love it! And, since you’re a good (meaning: perceptive and courageous) writer, I know you can do a bang-up job on it. Keep me up to date on ideas on this — the ones that are rattling around in your mind. Remember: In the zero point field the work is already written AND edited and ergo complete in itself, so your job is to get it down on paper by following all the zigs and jags and blowing up the dead ends that your linear mind editor throws in your way. Because, as we all are aware (well, EVERYTHING, including bacteria and viruses are aware, therefore we actually ARE well aware, only 99.9% of us don’t acknowledge this since knee-jerk denial is the eternal ‘stupid human trick’ — therefore ‘murder’ or ‘war’ via projection of our own fear of inadequacy)… hmmmmm. I forgot my point, which is yet another stupid human trick. Oh! I remember now. Ego mind clamps down on the fluid creativity of the zero point field. It doesn’t want to give itself away — it’s TERRIFIED of that, since ego mind wants to remain oblivious to its own failings or inadequacies — ego mind DOESN’T want to know anything about ‘truth.’ It likes Truthiness better. Anyway, the complete work is out there, waiting. The seed idea is TERRIFIC. So noodle on that and keep me in the loop, willya? After all, hahahha, I promised Ace (when they paid me the advance on FLANDERS) that it would be a fantasy/s.f. set in WWI. Hahahahhaahaha, but when the zero point field dictated the story to me, everything changed. Hence, the marketing failure, of course, started with ME. Gotta blame me and my attempt to BEND the story into what I thought Ace wanted. I did this BEFORE I started really telling the story — well, “I” didn’t tell the story. The All told the story. Hahahahaha, my anticipating what I intended screwed up BOTH of us! And ain’t that the way reality normally unfolds, i.e. humans screwing up EVERYTHING by trying to reorder the unfolding of What Is?

    All this to say, KEEP GOING. And KEEP ME IN THE LOOP. I promise to remember that MY role is Observer. And, remember, the Observer plays an important role in the unfolding (Quantumly speaking). And I’ll remember that the Observer BEST serves the unfolding when the Observer remains pretty much silent and doesn’t do the REALLY stupid human trick “Interfering by Sticking his/her nose in” and trying to manipulate the energy.

    Love ya! Stay in touch!

    Pat Anthony

  2. 05/06/2010

    Oh, yeah. And you’re right about mystery. I’m thinking that’s because the mystery demands solid structure. A screenplay does, too. You and me, we’re more organic than structured. But keep noodling on it. You’ll either get a sense that story’s taking shape (and has real ‘shape’ to it) or you won’t. Writing fiction. It’s like betting on a game of craps, hahahha.

  3. 08/06/2010

    Oh, DUH!! I did it again, being too indolent to read and UNDERSTAND what you’d said before. You’ve already written the short story and submitted it. Jeez, I can be SOOOOOO damned self-absorbed. If you ever think about expanding the story into a novel and you need the advice of a ‘life after death’ freak, I’d be honored to answer any questions you have. In the meantime, forgive me for being so CLUELESS!

    Signed, idiot Pat

  4. 08/06/2010

    Like I said, it’s a TERRIFIC story idea, girl!


  5. Candas

    The Missing Slippers turned out great!

    As for the phone call telling someone that they are dead, an idea worth stealing! But we won’t. We promise…sort of…

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